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About Us

Signal Antenna Systems Inc. was founded in 1983 and is located in Watsonville, California near Silicon Valley and the San Jose International Airport . SAS is a small dynamic organization dedicated to the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, and PRODUCTION of State of the Art Antennas and related Systems for MILITARY and COMMERCIAL applications in the frequency range 0.01-13 GHz.

Military antenna applicationsWe have combined a strong Engineering Capability with a well-developed Manufacturing Capability, which allows us to deliver High-Tech products in ANY quantity and at a REASONABLE COST. A prime example is our work for NTC (National Training Centers) where we have provided nearly 20,000 Man-Worn and Base Station Antennas used in infantry training. Another example is our work on a large-scale Meteor Bounce Program, where SAS provided hundreds of Rapid-Field-Deployable Log Periodic and Omni Arrays.

SAS provides Design Services as well as products, all supported by outdoor and indoor (ANECHOIC CHAMBER) test facilities. Measurement capabilities include radiation patterns, gain, VSWR, power handling, field strength, and static loading.

SAS offers a very experienced Design Capability in the area of WIRELESS SYSTEMS including 802.11, CELLULAR, RFID, and other WIRELESS applications. We have provided basic antenna R&D & Development for many customers, and have secured PATENTS for them in many cases.

A summary of SAS Capabilities appears under our CAPABILITIES link, and photos of a FEW of the HUNDREDS of products developed and manufactured at SAS are shown in our PRODUCTS link. We are always ready to discuss your particular Antenna System Requirements, and provide a suitable product solution.