Signal Antenna

Signal Antenna Systems, Inc.

Custom Antenna Design

When commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) antenna solutions don't exist or work, SAS offers custom Antenna Solutions utilizing the depth of our antenna design expertise and broad knowledge of what works and what does not. We understand that no two project are the same, so we maintain unique and fluid design philosophy that roughly splits projects into number of categories:

Design to Specification:
This approach is to fully understand the scope and needs of your project, then outline product specifications that meet your performance specifications, and finally planning manufacturing and delivery schedules. This works well for projects with clear product definition.

Design to System Functionality:
In complex and highly integrated systems, such as digital and phased arrays, deriving explicit antenna specifications and defining interfaces can be challenging. In such cases we seek to establish close engineering collaboration and work to develop project plan with concrete efforts and milestones.

Build to Print or Design:
In projects that are past the design stage we provide a build to print or specifications services. We also help in closing the gap between design and manufacturing by identifying best manufacturing technologies and solutions for a particular design based on its electrical and environmental requirements.

Custom antennas on military vehicles

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